Wednesday 20 July 2011

Caister Road Clearout, Loans & Transfer

Following Tuesday's posting, Grahame informs me that tri-axle 30098 (K482EUX) was taken on Monday by Erith Commercials for scrap using a hired low loader. 30097 remains but for how long?

Another long term resident Volvo B10M 20129 (P769XHS) was collected on Tuesday as well. She was always parked on the ramp beside the Harley Road wooden fence and mostly hidden from view.

For pictures of the tri-axles and the 'hidden' Volvo 20129 take a look at my report dated 24th February 2011

Further to the previous posting, it has been confirmed that Dart 43437 (P437NEX) is parked next to 30097, whilst the other withdrawn example (43447 (P447NEX)) is located inside the depot close to the front doors. As previously stated Dart 42445 (P445TCV) is also dumped in the rear yard.

On the active front Olympian 34112 (W432CWX) with Darts 43434 (P434NEX) and 43469 (R469CAH) are all currently on loan to Lowestoft. In return President 32211 (LT52WTU) has been loaned to Great Yarmouth from Lowestoft.

Another transfer in to Great Yarmouth is Dart 43487 (R487DPW) from Norwich (updated information)

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