Friday 22 July 2011

New Gemini 2s In Service

The new Wright Eclipse Gemini 2 bodied Volvo B9TL's entered service on Norwich city routes 25/35 from Monday last (22nd July). With a trip to Norwich this afternoon I had the opportunity to photograph some of them and a couple of pictures are shown below with more appearing on my Flickr site in due course.

36179 (BD11CDY) at Castle Meadow on the 35 heading to the University

For the record the fleet numbers and registrations for the 15 vehicles are as follows:-

                36166 BD11CFK          36171 BD11CFU         36176 BD11CGE
                36167 BD11CFM          36172 BD11CFV         36177 BD11CGF
                36168 BD11CFN          36173 BD11CFX          36178 BD11CDX
                36169 BD11CFO          36174 BD11CFY         36179 BD11CDY
                36170 BD11CFP          36175 BD11CFZ          37180 BD11CDZ

36180 (BD11CDZ) on St Stephen's Street bound for the Rail Station

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  1. Hi you were lucky catching them i didn't have a clue where they were being put in service! until now thanks!