Wednesday 13 July 2011

A Dull Day at Dereham

Whilst the weather was dull in Dereham today, the day's sightings were certainly anything but!

The main reason for the trip to this Norfolk market town, was to view and photograph the newly restored Great Western Railway 'King' No 6023 King Edward II locomotive. Hope the bus enthusiast community will excuse me for providing a picture here.

Back to the buses then and the opportunity was taken to visit some of the major operators in the Dereham area.

First up was Dereham Coachways, where I received a warm and friendly reception from an almost apologetic staff for most of the vehicles being out! Present in the yard were Scania Irizar V310EAK (seen again later at Beach Coach Station in Great Yarmouth), Van Hool bodied Volvo B10M R790WSB (below) and Toyota Coaster R687ACL.

 In the workshops was Volvo B10M K272ABV plus the yard also contained XFK305, acquired from Breckland Travel at the beginning of the year. She was not available for service.

Breckland Travel had two vehicles outside their unit in John Goshawk Road - Caetano Algarve YIL2269 and Renault Master minicoach V212 DBX

GM Travel of Sandy Lane in Dereham had parked two of its coaches at Rashes Green - they were Iveco R509SCH (shown below) and Dennis Javelin FIL8156

The last visit was to Konectbus. In the yard were Optare Excels 201 and 202 (R836/7FNG), Park and Ride Gemini 501 (YJ05PXB) and newly acquired Plaxton President bodied Volvo B7 701 (V301LGC) (picture below)

Undergoing maintenance were Optare Excel 219 (W219PRB) and President 703 (V703LGL)

Parked in the car park/yard on the opposite side of  the Rashes Green main road were Olympian 101 (J855TSC) (probably now not in use), Tempo 400 (MX05EKW), Excel 203 (V203ENU), (all three pictured below) plus President 707 (V307LGC) and Leyland National 152 (UFX852S)

The 'new' President's were previously with Go Ahead London and are all now in Konectbus livery.

Other bus related pictures taken on the day have been uploaded to my Flickr site.

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