Tuesday 25 October 2011

66 Briefly Returns Home

More than half a century since it was new to Great Yarmouth Corporation, Leyland PD2 No 66 (EX6566) briefly returned to its former Caister Road depot on Saturday last. Its current owners, the East Anglia Transport Museum, was using it to collect some redundant bus glazing items . The glazing items were previously used on some 1960's/1970's period vehicles and some will be used on vehicles in the EATM collection. Others will be passed on to other bus preservation organisations.

No 66 gave 17 years of service on the east coast prior to being sold to Mulleys of Ixworth for further use. In 1984 it went into private preservation in Essex subsequently being owned by Headingham Omnibuses until donation to the East Anglia Transport Museum three years ago.

Green Ace Gorleston, shown on the destination screen, was a bus terminus named after a garage/petrol filling station situated at the current Lowestoft Road/Middleton Road roundabout on the A12.

Again my thanks to Tim Major for the information and the pictures which are copyrighted

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  1. Good to see 66 at Caister Road. The (nearly) exterior shot is interesting as, of course, this batch 61-70 were used as the model for the left-hand sculptured relief over the door.