Friday 14 October 2011

Anglian White StreetLite

Anglian was using a StreetLite on its 581 service yesterday on the 16.00 from Great Yarmouth to Beccles. Nothing unusual in that I hear you say, but this time it was white MX60GXC which was captured passing bhs on Regent Road in the town.

The StreetLite has been given fleet number 327 by Anglian and it is not known whether it's on loan or has been acquired by the Beccles-based company. There is also a picture on Flickr showing it operating in the Worcester area for Astons (Veolia).


  1. Hi Roy, Great photo I think it is on loan, if you remember rightly Anglian had another white streetlie (MX60GXE) on the 581 a few months ago and that was on loan from Mistral.

    Kind regards,