Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Monday in Peterborough

Most of Monday was spent in Peterborough. Whilst the 'better half' did some shopping I was allowed off the leash to observe some Peterborough bus operations!

My first location for photographs was at the cold and very windy location of Bourges Boulevard next to the pedestrian crossing at Bridge Street.

The first photo is of a Stagecoach East Transbus 22339 (AE51RZT) at the stand on the 46 route to Huntingdon

Next up was Emblings/Judds Volvo B6 L212YCU. Dating from 1994, the vehicle has Northern Counties bodywork and was employed on their Whittlesey service.

Shaws of Maxey were using K395RJU and P6CAP on workers' shuttle services. Dennis Javelin K395RJU (seen left) was formerly with Martins of Kettering. Whilst Volvo B10M P6CAP was new to Capital Coaches of West Drayton.

Following along soon after was Stagecoach East's ADL Enviro 400 19702 (AE60JSV).

Crossing the road for a new backdrop for the pictures I quickly got a shot of Wright StreetLite MX61BZZ - on loan to Enterprise Peterborough from Mistral.

Luckily I was on the right side of the road to get a snap of First's Volvo B7TL 37160 (AU07DXX) nearing journey's end on the X1 from Lowestoft. This was believed to be the 7.45 service from the Suffolk resort and was running 10 minutes down.

Next, it was time for lunch and yet more shopping and it wasn't until late afternoon before I ventured to Queensgate Bus Station for some more photographic opportunities.

I arrived in time to see Kimes PO51UMS unloading  having arrived on a school's service. Dennis Trident PO51UMS was new to Blue Triangle in September 2001.

Upon the Trident's departure, Enterprise Peterborough's StreetLite MX61BCF was revealed to be laying over prior to its next duty

Three Delaine vehicles were noted during the short period I was there. These included 146 (BX04CKV) on the 201 to Stamford plus deckers 145 (AD59DBL) and 130 (X7OCT) on the the 101s to Bourne. 130 (pictured left) is a Volvo B7TL and was new to Delaine in December 2000

My final picture is of  a Great Yarmouth based vehicle - an Ambassador Travel Volvo B12 working National Express route 308. 181 (FD54DGV) is enjoying its Peterborough break whilst working the 12:45 Birmingham to Great Yarmouth.

Unfortunately, all good things must come to an end and it wasn't long before we were heading for the rail station to catch an East Midlands service back to Norwich.

I hope that these photos have given some idea of the variety of vehicles working in the Peterborough area. These and more pictures from the day can be seen on my Flickr site soon.

Finally apologies for the delay in posting to the blog - this was caused by software difficulties and I hope this hasn't spoilt your enjoyment of the report. 

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