Friday, 5 April 2013

Essex Tour

Regular contributors Syd Eade and James Race have just returned from a tour of Essex taking in Chelmsford and Basildon with the main aim of seeking out the First Essex hybrids introduced on the 100 Chelmsford to Lakeside service by First Essex

Syd takes up the story....
'James and myself had another snow-filled day out yesterday. A number of ex First Eastern Counties buses were seen during the day; 20501 AO02RBY being a surprise on the X30 to Stansted Airport although it seems the destination display doesn't want to let you know! 

It was squeezing between both ends of the age spectrum at Chelmsford, between a barely one week old Volvo and one of the few remaining step Darts.'

Syd  reported that ex First Eastern Counties Dart 42447 R447CCV was observed whilst Volvo B7TL/ ALX400s 30902/3 W757/8DWX were also noted.

Syd continues....
'We travelled down to Basildon on the hybrids, before retreating back home. The biting cold wind stopped us loitering for photos, although in the 15 minutes there we not only found our old friend 43448 but Ex Sanders PL08YMA now working for Ensign.

So all in all a very successful day, which 
was further 
enhanced when we found one of the as yet unused ADL35 Hybrids, which had only been delivered the previous day. 

Also seen was the Mercedes Citaro demonstrator in use with First Essex on service 351. 

Considering it was only 4 hours from arriving to departing Chelmsford we could not have
planned the day better if we had tried ( although a properly planned day would have included some warmth and sunshine! )'

My thanks to Syd and James for their contributions with the photos being copyrighted

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