Friday, 19 April 2013

Friday First Thing

After carrying out one of my regular family taxi duties, I thought I would continue into town to see what was lurking about!

A seafront run revealed a small number of coaches outside hotels being readied to transfer their passengers back home after a short stay in the resort.

The most notable was a Mercedes from the Alfa Travel fleet outside the
New Beach Hotel.

After the photo, the Tourismo, 79 BU13ZTZ, departed with no passengers onboard and was later seen heading westbound on Fullers Hill

Sister 75 BU13ZTV was also observed at Beach Coach Station.

Looking in at First's Caister Road depot, Dart 42448 R448CCV was noted parked in the rear compound.

Presumably she is awaiting her last journey to the scrapyard following withdrawal earlier in the month.

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