Saturday 6 April 2013

The Beccles Service ~ 25 Years Ago

In response to yesterday's posting about the Anglian decker, regular contributor Syd Eade has sent me a photo of how things used to be; almost 25 years ago!

Syd writes....
'Your latest blog entry of the Anglian decker on 581 just shows how the route has changed over the years for the better. 25 years ago the service had been reduced to just a single journey each way, service 615, and that could easily be handled by a 16 seat minibus, and it served Aldeby and Burgh St Peter too!'

However, the loading on Anglian's decker, when I saw it yesterday, wasn't that heavy either; so a minibus would have probably coped with the number of passengers carried

My thanks to Syd for the report and photo - interesting to see how times have changed!

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