Sunday, 7 April 2013

Worthing Revisited

Further to my blog posting last week regarding my Worthing visit, Syd Eade has contacted me about his trips to the Sussex seaside resort

'James Race and myself often go down to Worthing for short breaks in the summer and actually stay with one of the Worthing depot engineers.

We have worked on the PD3 open toppers as a crew on the Worthing-Shoreham Beach service, and even took Lowestoft 21 down to use on a free service during the Worthing Rally
Richard Alger and myself paid for the destination blinds to be made specially and they are still in the bus in case we want to go again! 

Driving the old Regent in Worthing was nothing compared to central London however (I hate the M25, so went right through the centre and over Tower Bridge to get to and from Worthing!) 

I have sent a couple of photos for your interest, James has since lost his long hair of course!'

Thanks to Syd for the report and photos which are his copyright.

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