Saturday 20 July 2013

Caister Road Update

Darts 43441 and 43435 await their final journeys on 10th July 2013
Ryan reports the latest from First's Great Yarmouth depot

The main news is the clear out of Darts from the rear of the Caister Road site. Both 43441 P441NEX and 43435 P435NEX were seen there earlier in the week and are due to depart for the scrapyard next week.

Also due to join them is 42451 R451CCV leaving just 43470 R470CAH as the last one to leave

Previously reported on the blog is the imminent transfer of two Great Yarmouth Darts to Lowestoft; earlier this week 43481 R681DPW moved to Lowestoft permanently with sister 43480 R680DPW due to join her next week

On the repairs front, Olympian 34111 W431CWX is awaiting new gearbox whilst two ex Jersey Darts are to receive new engines. 43866 EG52FGV has already received one and requires a few minor parts, whilst 43863 EG52FKK is still awaiting hers.

Many thanks to Ryan for the detailed report

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