Wednesday 10 July 2013

First View of X229's Colour Scheme

Rear of repainted X229WRA
You may remember that regular correspondent Tim Miller reported, earlier in the month, that Anglian's former Konectbus Optare Excel X229WRA was having work undertaken at Car & Commercials in Beccles to correct a previously imperfect repair around its windscreen

At that time it was stated that the opportunity would be taken to repaint her into a new colour scheme similar to the Konect livery but with a yellow top with a blue and grey skirt.

I can now bring you a report and exclusive pictures from Tim Miller following his visit to Car & Commercials premises this morning

The new livery of mainly yellow with blue and grey skirt - in a similar style
 to that of Konect
'I managed to get some pics and it looks like the back and front remain pure Anglian yellow. Didn't take front pic as bumper was off and screens out. They were waiting for the screen guy to turn up and refit them plus the side quarter. I had to be quick as she was wanted back in the yard for lunchtime, I was over here between 12 and 1 and she was gone so must assume this is so. Will have to see how she looks out in the open'

Many thanks for the report and photos Tim

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