Wednesday 31 December 2014

New Years Eve in Norwich

Birthday present shopping took me to Norwich this morning so i boarded the X1 from Acle and headed for the city in glorious sunshine. All good apart from the fact the words "Bright Sunshine" and Norwich do not mix well if you have your camera with you as very few places are good for photography in the winter months.
33003 LK51UZS in St Stephens this morning

Nothing unusual to report apart from seeing 37562 FJ08FYN with a smashed destination screen in Castle Meadow, this quickly headed off out of service back to the depot. Yarmouth to Norwich services were affected quite badly due to Haven Bridge becoming stuck in the morning, my return trip was put back about 50 minutes due to this and a couple of X1 services were noted heading through Filby en route to Acle on my way home.
One of Norfolk Green's latest arrivals is Enviro 300 GX10HBY, seen here on the X29 In St Stephens
Just to prove there are places to get sunny shots in the morning! 36174 BD11CFY seen heading along Theatre Street
Finally i would just like to wish all our readers a Safe and Happy New Year and to thank Roy for letting me become part of the blog and also a special mention to Jim Long for his help and information from the Ipswich area plus thanks to Danny Beales & Chris Speed at First for their continued support and friendship. And to everyone elso who has helped me this year along the way!


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  1. Norwich was a bit mad today I did a trundle 146 x1 x2 and a ride on 33423 at last so nice day. All the best Grahame and a good new year