Saturday 13 December 2014

Well Travelled Enviro

With all the recent excitement over the arrival of First's new Streetlites at Yarmouth & Norwich taking centre stage in the blogging community i thought i would move away from the current news and take a look at a certain vehicle in particular that has had a very busy time of it since being introduced and the fact it has a few links to our area.
Pictured at Norwich Bus Station in August 2010 with Konectbus as their 900
SN59AWV is an Alexander Enviro 400 which began life as a company demonstrator back in 2009, it was built in 2008 but was not registered until September 2009. It began a life of touring the British Isles being evaluated by various operators and first stop was JP Travel in Manchester where it gained fleet number 651. It then ventured back up to Scotland and spent time with Mcgills in Glasgow as their 901.
Next stop was Oxford and Brookesbus where it gained the number 900 in May 2010, it then appeared in Norfolk with Konectbus in the summer of 2010 and i was fortunate enough to photograph her in Norwich working the Thickthorn Park & Ride service. After a spell in Norfolk it was back to Oxford this time with Stagecoach as their 80016
Pictured at Lakeside in Essex with Ensignbus in May 2013  (Photo courtesy of Gobbiner)
A move back to Essex in 2013 saw SN59AWV gain the striking livery of Ensignbus and she was to stay in Essex when purchased by Firstgroup later in 2013 alongside two others of the type, VT59JPT which is now 33424 with First Essex and of course our very own 33423 SN60CAA which is Yarmouth's most popular vehicle at present!. SN59AWV became 33425 with First Essex and is currently based at Basildon Depot.
First Essex 33425 seen leaving their Hadleigh Depot (Photo courtesy of Steven Quay)

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