Friday, 9 March 2018

Finding Demo

On its third day in service I succeeded in getting photos of the newly arrived Alexander Dennis E200MMC demonstrator currently on loan with BorderBus. Due to other commitments on the first couple of days I had been unable to, but yesterday I was determined to get my photo. I even left home really early just to ensure I got through the A47 Lowestoft Road roadworks in Gorleston in plenty of time.

Arriving at the Morrisons' South Lowestoft store some thirty minutes early, I captured First's 42938 (WX05SVD) working the Kessingland bound 99 - pity, as I was expecting one of the trio of  ex First Berkshire Alexander Dennis Enviro200s!

After a short visit to the store I took up my position on Tower Road and was concerned that it may have passed earlier. However, it turned up five minutes late and thanks to a passenger waiting for it I got photos of both the offside and nearside of the bus. 

Not sure how good it was to ride but it did look impressive from the outside.


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  1. From my experience last year it is a lovely comfortable bus with moderate grunt.. vast improvement over regular E200. And who could dislike those beautiful looks!!! But nice to see it still going round for demos.