Saturday 30 March 2019

Caister Road Arrivals

Friday saw the appearance of two Scania Omnicity Single Decks at Caister Road from First Essex. 65028 YN06TDO & 65030 YN06TDV. It appears they are just passing!

Both are destined for further use with First Potteries after being withdrawn from the Essex fleet recently. They were allocated to Clacton Depot prior to its closure, they moved briefly to Colchester before they were marked for transfer. We are told they may see use at Yarmouth for a week or two as more vehicles are required for Bernard Matthews Contract work due to changes in the factory shift patterns.

Both were new to First Essex for use on Chelmsford Park & Ride services in 2006 as you can see in the photo above.

Thanks to First for the info and to Tom Green and Colin Humphrey for the photos.


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