Tuesday 19 March 2019

SPW999 Update

Following our article last week on a possible restoration attempt on Bedford SBG SPW999 (Plea For Help To Restore Bedford SBG) David Bell sent a photograph of it when owned by Reynolds Coaches.

He tells me it was 'taken way back in July 1976 when SPW 999 was parked outside the depot at Caister. In the window is a board advertising the once familiar summer shuttles to holiday camps that used to operate from outside Vauxhall station.'

I forwarded it on to Gary Palmer who said 'she looks stunning and was planning to go to see it last weekend to view.' However, he says, 'it looks like someone has beat me to it and has bought it' He is currently trying to contact the new owner.

My thanks to David for the photo and to Gary for the update



  1. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/1955-Bedford-coach/233238205117?hash=item364e1492bd:g:ZPwAAOSwI1Jc6XBi

  2. It's with the same seller. It seems the previous eBay sale did not go through and the price has increased to £6500.

  3. Has now found a buyer in Yorkshire, been spotted parked up at Ponden Mill, Near Oakworth, current owner 'Seth' plans to make it into a camper

    1. Just past it and it still looks a mess