Sunday 11 August 2019

FEC Norwich Arrivals

Latest arrivals for First Norwich are 3 ex Manchester based Volvo B7RLE's. These are expected to replace 3 of the 02 plate Volvo B7L in the fleet. We are told one of the three new arrivals will become a Driver Trainer at some point. All three arrived in Norfolk on Saturday evening.

66864 Pictured at work in the North West. (David Burrell)

Details of the three as follows,

66864 MX05CJJ
66865 MX05CJO
66870 MX05CKA

Many Thanks to First for the info and to David Burrell for use of his Photo.



  1. Would it make more sense to make one of the 02 reg plates into a training bus than one of the new 05 ones

  2. Interesting that Essex took 3 (66846/848/860) from the same batch and put them into service in Basildon