Friday 9 August 2019

First Great Yarmouth Winter Services

I can exclusively reveal the local winter bus services scheduled to commence on Sunday 22nd September 2019. One area in particular is adversely affected and that is Gorleston's Shrublands Estate - the service is being reduced to hourly on weekdays with evening and Sunday services being withdrawn! It wasn't that long ago when the service was every twenty minutes.

The details are as follows

Service 1 (Lowestoft - Great Yarmouth - Martham) – route in Gorleston between Marine Parade and James Paget Hospital altered to be via Bridge Road rather than Park Road. 2300 journey to Martham replaced by extension of 2245 (from Market Gates) Service 8 beyond Scratby

Service 2 (Town Centre – Barrack Estate) – daytime off-peak frequency reduced from 10 to 12 minutes on Mondays to Saturdays. Evening journey at 2200 replaces 2130 and 2230

Service 5 (Great Yarmouth – Burgh Castle) – ‘peak’ inbound journey replaced by service 6B journey; off-peak frequency reduced to every two hours. 1715 outbound journey replaced by extension of 1735 Service 6 (now 6A)

Service 6/6B (Great Yarmouth - Bradwell) – certain journeys extended to/from Burgh Castle as above; evening timetable revised, replacing Service 7 journeys; evening and Sunday journeys no longer serve Shrublands

Service 7 (Great Yarmouth - Belton) – service withdrawn and replaced by Service 6B and X11 journeys

Service 8 (Caister – Town Centre - James Paget Hospital) – 2217 journey from James Paget Hospital extended from Scratby to Martham, replacing 2300 Service 1

Flying Banana Buses introduced a twenty minute frequency on Shrublands Estate some 30 years ago - this winter's First timetable sees the frequency reduced to hourly. Photo shows First Dart 42943 WA06OAS in the Flying Banana Bus livery
Service 9 (Town Centre – James Paget Hospital) – frequency reduced from every 30 minutes to hourly

Service X11 (Belton – Great Yarmouth – Norwich) – new journeys at 0735 Great Yarmouth to Belton, 1930 Belton to Great Yarmouth replacing Service 7 journeys.

The start of the new timetable is also expected to coincide with a range roadwork disruptions on Southtown Road. There will have to be some temporary timetable arrangements to cope with the resulting delays with further information being made available in due course.

My thanks to my contact at First Eastern Counties for the information


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