Sunday 6 June 2021

Rail Replacement ~ Norwich

David Bell has emailed to tell me 'there was significant rail replacement centred on Norwich this weekend. The line to Stowmarket/Ipswich was closed and there were also rail replacement buses running from Norwich to Wymondham and from Norwich to Grantham'

He was at Norwich on Saturday and he attached many photos to his email including this one of Eagles former Konnectbuis decker which has now been re registered from YJ05 PXD to M10 ENH

Also present was Dans' Coaches YR52 VEH a Scania L94/Wright previously with First Essex;

Volvo B9R /Caetano Levante .FJ13 ECT was operating to Grantham and is owned by G & G Coaches of Melton Mowbray

Galloway of Mendlesham was represented by another Volvo B9R/Caetano Levante in the form of FJ61 EYG which was new to Premiere of Nottingham

Other companies with a presence were Completely Business, Sharpes of Nottingham, Angies Travel of Lowestoft, Sanders' Coaches, Freestones Coaches, Panther Travel and M & M Coaches

My thanks to David for his report and photos


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