Saturday 24 September 2022

Carlton Colville

Today was the first day of the East Anglia Transport Museum's Trolleybus Weekend at Carlton Colville.

I decided to make a flying visit just to witness activity at the site and to travel on the first one of First Ipswich's seventeen brand new Wright Streetdecks on its first day in public use. I quickly snapped 35910 BN72 TVA arriving at the Park & Ride site and I needn't have rushed as Chris Speed was in charge of the new arrival!

After our quick catch up prior to departure, I headed for the top deck and immediately saw a screen reminding me of the time and date !! Presumably this will display next stop information when in service. On arrival at the Museum I went to seek out newly restored Lowestoft No 8 918NRT. It was in the yard with Leyland Titan PBJ 2F and Routemaster WLT 613 for company.

After a chat with a couple of friends and more pics of No 8, I crossed Chapel Road outside the museum to await my return journey on the Streetdeck. Almost immediately I was rewarded with a photo of one of the guests vehicles returning after a run out. It was South Notts (82) 82 SVO, a Leyland/Albion LR3 Lowlander with a Northern Counties H41/30F body.

After all that excitement (!) a return journey was next on 35910 and, after many attempts, I managed to get a photo of it with the complete destination screen showing.


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