Saturday 17 September 2022

New Arrivals Galore

Its looking like a busy few weeks ahead for First Eastern Counties with new arrivals appearing all over the network.

Lowestoft has begun recieving its ex London United E200 Darts with a couple entering service this week.The full batch of 5 is 44450-44454.

News today is the imminent arrival of a batch of ex Go Ahead London Volvo B9TL Gemini 2 for use at Great Yarmouth which should see off the remaining ALX400 Volvo B7's.

LX59DAA is pictured at Ensignbus where the batch has been purchased from, this will be collected in the coming week. The list of vehicles aquired and fleet numbers known so far is as follows,

36281 LX59DAA

36282 LX59DAO

36283 LX59DAU

36284 LX59DBO

36285 LX59DBU

36286 LX59DBV

36287 LX59DBY

36288 LX59DBZ

Onto Ipswich where 17 brand new Low height Wright Streetdecks are expected to arrive from the factory in Belfast over the coming weeks with the first due next week. Fleet numbers to be 35910 - 35926.

We are told they will go to Norwich for prep prior to entering service as are the batch of Volvo B7RLE From Wessex which are also beginning to enter service in Suffolk.

Norwich are also expecting some more double deck arrivals in due course.

So get your cameras warmed up its going to be a hectic few weeks of arrivals and departures by the looks of it!

Many Thanks to Chris Speed, Mark Doggett, Andy Metcalfe and Ensignbus for help with Photos and Info.


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