Thursday 22 September 2022

Lowestoft's No 8 Receives Adverts

Tim Major has supplied some photos of Lowestoft Corporation No 8 918 NRT showing the AEC Regent V now adorned with adverts.

The bus passed from Waveney District Council to the Playbus Group in Lowestoft and the attached newspaper article provides details.

It subsequently saw use as Basil Badger's Playbus for Basildon Council. Fortunately it evaded scrapping when it was laid up / stored at Pitsea with clutch problems. 

It was then  moved to Ensignbus at Purfleet for evaluation, but in the mean time two enthusiasts agreed a deal and acquired the bus which moved to Canvey. It later went to the EATM at Carlton Colville in 2009

As a bonus there is a copy of the advert that appeared in the local press from Eastern Counties about the change of services in Lowestoft.

918 NRT should be be out and about this weekend in connection with the East Anglia Transport Museum's Trolleybus Weekend.

My thanks to Tim for the photos and the press cutting



  1. Absolutely stunning job by Peter Short, Connor Drage and team. Look forward to seeing her in the flesh again soon. Spent many a Sunday afternoon 30 years ago scraping blue paint off number 8 and wire brushing the chassis. She looks utterly beautiful now! Very well done all!
    Phil Waite