Friday 1 March 2024

Comings and Goings

With the continuing arrival of Electroliners in Norwich the withdrawl and transfer of older vehicles looks to be getting interesting.

Red Line liveried Volvo B9TL 36193 BN12JYT has moved down to Great Yarmouth this week, noted out in use on both X1 and 8 duties on Thursday afternoon.

36193 pictured in Castle Meadow shortly after repaint into Redline livery in December 2017.

Withdrawls to report from Norwich are Volvo B7TL's 32100, 32101, 32105 32112, 32203, 32205, 32214 and Gemini bodied 32333 & 37026.

Now withdrawn 32333 LK53LYT pictured in Tombland back in April 2023.

Thanks as always to First for the information


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