Wednesday 20 March 2024

First Great Yarmouth Latest

The invasion of Red Line liveried Volvo B9TL's continues with both 36194 BN12JYU and 36198 BN12WNY both noted in use in the town today. 

 36198 pictured in Norwich Bus Station back in November 2021 whilst working Excel Route B.   

Another Coastal Red Gemini withdrawl to report is 37174 SF07FDE, i noted it now parked in the rear yard at Caister Road minus ticket machine in a line of other withdrawn vehicles today.

37174 pictured in Ormesby St Margaret back in February 2022 working the Coastal Clipper 1.

Thanks to First for the continued updates.


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  1. 36265, 36189, 36190 Set to transfer later this week 👍