Friday 29 March 2024

Lowestoft Visit

Contributor Jon was held up in traffic in Lowestoft for some time yesterday afternoon so he decided to park up and take a few photos for use on the blog which he sent via X (formerly Twitter).

He first looked in at the bus station on Gordon Road and found it full - presumably due to the traffic chaos!

Jon observed Ipswich Reds liveried Volvo B7TL/Alexander Dennis ALX400 32651 AU05 MUO still earning its keep. Also noted were two recent transfers Norwich Red Line branded Volvo B9s 36191 BN12 JYR and 36194 BN12 JYU in use.

Another recent transfer in is Alexander Dennis Enviro200 44599 YX08 HJF seen departing the bus station on the 105 service.

Visiting the Gasworks Road depot, all six SPS StreetLites were viewed and it was noticeable that they have been fitted front and back with orange lights on the roof.

My thanks to Jon for his report and photos.


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