Saturday 23 March 2024

Lowestoft StreetLites

One of the many emails found in my spam box over the last couple of days was one from Steve Blackburn concerning his recent visit to the First Lowestoft depot.

The main point of interest is that the two StreetLites arriving at Great Yarmouth a fortnight ago (SK17 HGY and SK17 HGZ - pictured) have now joined the other two already present. Subsequently a further two have been added in the form of SK17 HHA and SK17 HHB. Almost all have now received First fleet numbers as follows:-

47801 SK17 HGU
47802 SK17 HGX
47803 SK17 HGY (not affixed to the vehicle at present)
47804 SK17 HGZ
47805 SK17 HHA
47806 SK17 HHB

They are to be used by Specialist Passenger Solutions Limited to provide transport for the Sizewell C project.

Also noted in service there by Steve was Volvo B9TL / Wright Eclipse Gemini 37532 MXZ 3342. This is now confirmed by Daniel as being reallocated to Lowestoft and is pictured by him waiting at the stand at Lowestoft Bus Station.

My thanks to Steve and Daniel for their contributions.


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