Friday 31 May 2024

Simonds' Withdrawals

Regular contributor Omar Atiallah tells me that Simonds of Bottesdale has has taken three of its vehicles out of service.

The first is ADL/Transbus Enviro300 SN06 BOV which joined the fleet from Suffolk Norse by late summer of 2022. It is seen here on Norwich's Castle Meadow during February last year

The other two are Caetano Levante bodied Volvo B9Rs SIA 488 and SLK 886. The former was previously FJ11 GMZ and was acquired from Edwards of Llantrisant in November 2019. The latter was ex FJ11 MLE which joined the fleet a month later and is pictured in St Stephen's Street in Norwich in November 2021.

My thanks to Omar for the information


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