Wednesday 8 May 2024

Today At Ensign

Mark Doggett visited Ensignbus' premises at Purfleet earlier today where he observed some interesting residents

His first photo shows former First Norwich Plaxton President bodied Volvo B7TL 32100 LT02 ZCJ in a poor state of repair and presumably its next visit may be to the scrap man.

He saw ex First Coastal Reds Volvo B7TL 37150 YJ06 URD (recently returned from BorderBus) being prepared for onward sale; thought to be for Barway Services.

Two former First Norwich deckers 32203 LT52 WTJ and 37026 YJ06 XKP were parked next to each other awaiting their fete. Also present on decision were three ex Coastal Reds 37022 YJ06XKL, 37023 YJ06 XKM and 37025 YJ06 XKO

In the workshops being prepared for repaint after open top conversion were ex Norwich 37410 MX58 DXZ and 37408 MX58 DXV

An unusual visitor was First Norwich Wright StreetDeck 35201 SK16 GWA which arrived yesterday on tow. The reason for its presence is not known.

Thanks Mark for the many photos


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