Tuesday, 5 November 2013

At the Center of Things!

First's 69532 PL05UBR with 'Town Center' displayed on 1st November 2013.
Photo copyright Syd Eade
Some of you Great Yarmouth Corporation fans (are you there Mick Capon?) may remember the undertaking's Willowbrook bodied AEC Swift's operating in the town

The reason I mention it, is that for a period of time their destination displays used the American spelling for Town Centre (Town Center) - as I was recently reminded by Syd Eade

This 'trend' has continued with the arrival of the former Transdev buses in Ipswich which also use Center and, not only that, the route number is on the left compared to FEC's normal practice of them being on the right!

Syd's photo demonstrates the above and adds that Great Yarmouth 'came to their senses and reverted to the British way'. One wonders if FEC will also change them?

Thanks to Syd for the observation and photo

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  1. I'm here Roy - never miss the blog!

    Oh yes - the Swifts (all 35 of them). I was never their greatest fan, especially those bodied at Loughborough (bone shakers and rattlers - I've had smoother rides on the "Cake-Walk" at Yarmouth Fair)! The only thing worse them them were the Nimbuses (Nimbi).

    As I'm now a citizen of the USA, "Center" is natural to me (when in Rome, etc.), but of course, "Centre" is correct in England.

    Keep up the good work Roy - I never miss your blog.

    (from a chilly, but beautifully colorful, North Carolina)