Monday, 11 November 2013

Sunday in Tamworth

Citaro 3013 BJ12YPY beside Gemini 4200 FJ08LVL whilst Scania 3801 YN08HZL
undergoes a wash at the Arriva Midlands Depot
As already mentioned in the previous post, most of Sunday was spent in Tamworth visiting friends but there had to be some shopping done first! Yours truly made himself scarce in search of bus workings

As expected on a Sunday there was not much about, although I did see two Arriva Midlands North vehicles awaiting their next duty in Corporation Street.

They were 'City Linx' branded Volvo B9 / Wright Gemini 4207 FJ08LVT and Scania K230UB Omnilink 3804 YN08HZR - the later seen the day before in Coleshill High Street!

Inside Aldergate depot with Citaro 3005 BJ12YPO and Scania 3807 YN08HZU
nearest the camera
Being a Sunday, I thought I would pop around the corner to the Aldergate depot and I surprisingly found the former Midland Red garage was open

On the forecourt Mercedes Benz Citaro 3013 BJ12YPY was keeping company with Gemini 4200 FJ08LVL whilst Scania 3801 YN08HZL was under the wash

Inside there were a number of vehicles prepared ready for the next day's service including saloons 3005 BJ12YPO and 3807 YN08HZU parked up close to the entrance

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