Sunday, 17 November 2013

Municipal Swift Trio

Ipswich JRT82K, Great Yarmouth WEX683M and Lowestoft YRT898H
at Ipswich Transport Museum's 1995 'Ride Our Buses' event
Following our post entries regarding Great Yarmouth's  AEC Swifts, I continue to receive emails and comments about how readers enjoy reading about them

Neil Chilvers has been looking through his photos and came across this offering from Ipswich Transport Museum's (ITM) 'Come and Ride on Our Buses' event held in 1995

Neil continues 'It shows three East Anglian Municipal Swifts - JRT82K, (the ITM's 1972 Willowbrook example), Great Yarmouth's WEX683M (still in service then) and Lowestoft's 4 YRT898H of the EATM.  Out of the three Swifts I have driven the top speed has been 53mph, well with in the K rated tyres that are fitted these days!

Regarding the tyres, all newer buses will have tyres rated at far higher speeds than they are capable of reaching - this is checked on the VOSA annual test. Coaches all seem to be rated at 81mph these days, even if speed limiting devices are set lower. Older tyres had a ply rating which can be converted and can be viewed on this tyre data speed rating website'

My thanks to Neil for the information and photo

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