Wednesday 13 November 2013

Willowbrook Swifts at Eastern Counties

Great Yarmouth AEC Swift 65 LEX865H on hire to Eastern Counties
Following yesterday's post regarding the Great Yarmouth Willowbrook bodied AEC Swifts, I received an email from Syd Eade

Syd tells me that they were also used by Eastern Counties on hire during the early 1970s and sends some photos as proof

He continues 'The photos show 65 LEX865H in Waveney Road, Lowestoft on the Oulton Broad Circular, service 3D via Demark Road (service 3 ran clockwise via Horn Hill )

A second Swift, 70 PEX170K, on the Rock Estate in Lowestoft
The second picture is of  70 PEX170K at Rock Estate, Oulton Broad when both of the Swifts were working at Lowestoft depot.'

I found them pleasant buses to ride on and to drive, the most interesting feature being the middle door which could only be opened by pushing a button near the cash tray once the front doors had been opened. So you will never see one with just the centre doors open.

My thanks to Syd for his contribution including the photos

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  1. What a blast from the past! First use their little mini 'dart' types round there now, some Enviro 200s and especially some particularly smart and comfortable Caetano bodied darts dating from '02.