Tuesday 12 November 2013

Willowbrook Swifts

Willowbrook bodied AEC Swift PEX172K in Great Yarmouth Market Place
Mick Capon affectionately refers to them as boneshakers and rattlers!
Some blog readers are old enough to remember the AEC Swifts which formed part of Great Yarmouth Corporation's fleet in the early 1970s

In response to my earlier post, ex pat Mick Capon remembers they had 35 of them and 'was never their greatest fan, especially those bodied at Loughborough (bone shakers and rattlers - I've had smoother rides on the "Cake-Walk" at Yarmouth Fair!)'

Blog reader Mick Sayer says 'I remember the AEC Swifts very well. It is funny what you remember about them but they seemed to be very long at 38ft and there was a large standing/luggage area opposite the centre doors. I also remember what at the time as a 17 year old I thought was a very alarming notice in the the drivers cab which read ' The Maximum Speed Of This Vehicle is 50mph Due To Tyre Limitations'. I used to sit on these buses going home in trepidation that a tyre would explode and we would end up in the North Sea !!'

Some favourable thoughts about them there then!  I would like to thank both Mick Capon and Mick Sayer for sharing their memories with us

The picture of Willowbrook bodied PEX172K is by Clive A Brown and has been reproduced under Creative Commons License. She is pictured in the Market Place which has subsequently been pedestrianised - note the Woolworth store in the background

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