Friday, 1 November 2013

Caister Road News

34112 W432CWX awaits her next duty outside the depot about a week ago 
Our regular contributor Ryan sends his latest update on activity from First's Caister Road depot

The first thing to report is the withdrawal of a second (I know, its really the third but the first one was later reinstated!) Alexander Royale bodied Volvo Olympian. 34112 W432CWX has been taken out of service and is being held in reserve

On the Gemini front, Lowestoft's 37563 AU58ECA arrived at Caister Road from Full Circle in its new livery and, after a quick check over, Ryan delivered her to the town's Gasworks Road depot. 37576 AU58EDC is now back in service after her 'Acle Antics' whilst 37572 AU58ECW is expected to arrive tomorrow

Other deckers in the news include VolvoB7/ Plaxton President 32201 LT52WTF is still in the workshops and ALX400 30888 W743DWX is now a permanent resident in Great Yarmouth

Ex Jersey Dart 43861 EG52FGJ has received her new engine and is now back on the road

My thanks to Ryan for a very detailed report

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