Friday, 15 November 2013

Slow Drive to Glasgow!

Western Scottish Daimler Fleetlines keeping company with Eastern Counties
 LL802 HVG802V with 'The Crow' in attendance. Photo Copyright SYD EADE
Yesterday's post related to the use of speed limiters on buses as a safety measure as their tyres would heat up beyond design capabilities at higher speeds.

Contributor Syd Eade said this could be an inconvenience leading to excessively long journeys on long distance routes but 'they still made a change from local runs. 

Eastern Counties HVG802V sandwiched between Western Scottish
Bristol REMH TSD117J and Grey Green Leyland Leopard VYU763S
at Glasgow Thornlebank in July 1980. Photo Copyright: SYD EADE
Here is a photo of Lowestoft allocated LL802 HVG802V at Glasgow depot after making the trek north, with my co-driver Frank Raven ( The Crow as he was known ) resting inside. 

We had an amazing 13 hour break before returning, mainly to get some sleep, but which I fully utilised for train and bus riding etc! A paid holiday to me. Service 118 was joint with Grey Green and Western Scottish and ran in the summer only.'

Thanks for the information and photos Syd - I can remember Western Scottish coaches turning up at Wellington Road at summer weekends!

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