Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Olympian Resurrection Due

Currently withdrawn S686AAE is to be resurrected in early June 
Following yesterday's post on the blog regarding the withdrawal of First Olympian 34187 S687SAE at the end of the month, Danny Beales has been in touch regarding the resurrection of another

He tells me via facebook that similar 34186 S686AAE is to return to active service in early June. Since its removal from duties it has been confined to the rear yard of the Caister Road depot

My thanks to Danny for the information and it is good to see another one back in service soon


  1. Wasn't 186 the gearbox problem? Maybe one will keep the other going I can foresee that scenario with the others until there is only one as we have until 2017 till they have to catergorically go whatever they are being used for

  2. Hi Roy,i think these Olympians 34108-14 34186/7 are extremely good stand by buses especially with the summer coming up,ideal for the camp sites,what i hear folk cry,well it's better than letting them go to waste after all they have until 2017 thats 2.5 years away,i'm sure the guys at Yarmouth can nurse them along,i bet the drivers love them too.

    1. Most of the drivers i've spoke to love them..

    2. Tim you are right in that there was a gearbox issue with 34186
      Jim - the reason for the re-entry of Olympians in service is that they would be mainly used on contract work thereby releasing more modern low floor examples to be used in day to day service - especially on the 3 route. However, I am sure we will continue to see them in general service when they deputise for failures