Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Ipswich Musings & Query

Following my report on day two of the Suffolk Made & Operated event at the EATM, James Long has been in contact

Ipswich Trolley No 2 in Christchurch Park in around 1980
'Having seen those super pix on your blog, you made comment about missing a ride on what was Ipswich Corporation no 24. She is a totally different animal to 21 GBJ192 which as you know is a stick box 7.7 AEC where as no 24 is 9.6 AEC with pre select box. She barks just like an 11.3 AEC but I have never been able to prove that! Nos 18 to 24 were monsters and were ridden by me many times.

Still to this day I don't know why my love for 'Counties' got the better of me; putting Ipswich Buses in 2nd place after the departure of the Trolleys.

1973 ECW bodied AEC Swift WEX690M at the Norfolk Showground in 1993
Haven't the Ipswich Transport Museum. guys done a fantastic job on trolley no 2? Here is a photo of her when she was brought back to static life by Ben Coopers at Claydon way back in the 70's. I think,a good job back then, but the boys have done the museum proud here. What with 105 as well, hats off to EM!!!.

Whilst on,any idea where Great Yarmouth 90 WEX690M is these days? I enclose a photo of her at Norfolk Showground; she looked good there.'

My thanks for the email and photos Jim. An internet search didn't reveal anything about the current location of 90; although one site included a photo of it but added that only two of the batch were saved for preservation and that 90 wasn't one of them!

Following my initial enquiry Neil Jordan asks 'Do you know what other AEC Swift is preserved, i know 85 is, but i saw the other one for sale years ago in a bus magazine.'

Can anyone provide information about WEX690M since its withdrawal or on the other unidentified preserved Swift?

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