Monday, 26 May 2014

Five At The Beach

Shearings Holidays Setra 221 BF10VCO
Early afternoon saw five coaches soaking up the sunshine at Great Yarmouth's Beach Coach Station

Regular visitors Alfa Travel and Shearings Holidays were represented by Mercedes Benz Tourismo 75 BU13ZTV and Setra 221 BF10VCO respectively

A rather nondescript looking RUI2091 came from Amhurst Coaches of Hackney. Despite
that, the coach has a bit of history in being new to Ribble in 1998 as S905JHG. Upon takeover by Stagecoach North West the Volvo/ Jonckheere lost its Ribble fleet number of 1121, to be replaced by 52616

Another Volvo/ Joncheere came in the form of Safford's Coaches DIG4585. Delivered as X64CNY to Bebb of Llantwit Fardre, the coach gained its new registration in 2006

The final vehicle is that of Reg's Coaches green liveried Mercedes Benz BU03LYP. It was new to Dews of Somersham in April 2003

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