Saturday, 31 May 2014

Ipswich News

Recent arrival at Ipswich depot is 60618 R781WKW
I am pleased to provide you with the latest news regarding recent developments at First Ipswich

Grahame Bessey confirms the arrivals of Volvo's 60618 R781WKW & 62143 R589SBA from First's Rotherham Depot

The Volvos are paint float vehicles for Firstgroup whilst Ipswich vehicles 69008
Interior shot of  60618
AU05DMV & 66981 KX05MHK have gone to Rotherham for refurbishment and repaint into the new livery.

Regular correspondent Jim Long has kindly passed on two photos of 60618 upon its arrival at Ipswich. An interior view is included

My thanks to both Grahame and Jim for their help in the preparation of this report


  1. R-reg bit old isnt't it? You'd think with all that money first have robbed us of high bus fares they would be able to afford NEW buses and not sloppy seconds.

  2. 62143 is in ipswich aswell