Monday, 12 May 2014

Lowestoft's PBJ2F Changes Ownership

One of the vehicles operating at this weekend's Suffolk Made & Operated event held at the East Anglia Transport Museum was former Lowestoft bus PBJ2F. A very proud Syd Eade contacted me last night with the following email:-

'Lowestoft Corporation Leyland Titan PD2/47 Number PBJ2F was first registered on 8th August 1967, I walked down into town and was the first, and only, passenger on her first run in service.

Ex Lowestoft Leyland Titan PBJ2F outside its old depot in Rotterdam Road
Withdrawn in 1977 she spent around 10 years in a scrap yard before being rescued for preservation. Only returned to the road a couple of years back, it was restored to a very high standard by Mick Betterton. Still 98 per cent original, PBJ2F attended quite a few rallys but was always a static exhibit.

Looking after number 12 was getting to much for Mick, and was
purchased last

PBJ2F outside the Tramway Hotel - the terminus of service1
weekend by myself, Daniel Peart and Richard Alger. Despite the damp weather number 12 was brought to the 'Suffolk Made or Operated' event at Carlton Colville. 

On Saturday 10th May she was taken back to her old Rotterdam Road depot for a photograph, then the 12th May was an important milestone as she proudly carried 

real passengers once
Two of the happy custodians, Syd Eade and Daniel Peart, pose in front of PBJ2F
more on a run into Lowestoft, the first people to travel on her in 37 years. On the return we paused outside the Tramway at Pakefield, the first terminus she operated to when new on service 1, with correct destination display of course.

As you can imagine we are all really pleased to have saved the bus leaving the area, and to make it available for use of historic free services. Richard was unfortunately too busy driving other free services to join us on the special runs, so we don't have a photo of all three of us yet, but from the big smiles here you can see Daniel and myself are really happy in our new roles of bus custodians.'

My congratulations on the new arrival Syd and thanks for the report and photos. Looking forward to a ride on her in the near future

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