Thursday, 22 May 2014

Twosomes and Newsflash

A quick visit to Great Yarmouth this lunch time saw me witness the departure of Olympian 34109 W436CWX on the 13:20 service 7 to Belton

The two Olympians with different body styles - 34108 has an Alexander Royale
body compared to 34187's Northern Counties Palatine II
With the Olympians out in force, I was hopeful of seeing at least one on the Bernard Matthews contract and my thoughts turned to getting a picture of two of them working it on the same day, as I had previously

However, after taking my place at Nelson Road Central, next to the coach station, I could see two Geminis heading towards me in the far distance. I just hoped that one of them was on service 1; but no they were both on contract work! For the record they were 37572 AU58ECW and 37576 AU58EDC

Not even meriting a photo, I drove over to the depot to see if any Olympians were there and I was rewarded with a second viewing of  34109. But the more interesting subjects were 34108 W435CWX and 34187 S687AEE standing shoulder to shoulder on the forecourt

Finally, Dart 42358 EY05FYP continued to work the service 2 this afternoon following a short break at lunchtime. It appears Great Yarmouth are getting the most out of it before the transfer to Lowestoft

My thanks to SteveW for spotting the 'deliberate mistakes'!

++++++ Latest News++++++
Grahame Bessey reports the arrival of another First Leicester ALX400 at Caister Road. 32058 W218XBD arrived  this afternoon

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