Friday, 17 October 2014

A last look at 34187 S687AAE inside Caister Road depot

After escaping scrapping on a number of occasions, Volvo Olympian 34187 S687AAE has finally succumbed and been towed away to the scrapyard

The Northern Counties Palatine II bodied decker was new to
34113 on its lonesome in the depot's rear yard
First Bristol in August 1998 as their 9687

Its removal leaves a lonely 34113 W433CWX parked in the rear yard, although 34112 W432CWX is languishing in the side yard next to the depot

Meanwhile work continues in the workshop on the return of last built Olympian 34110 W437CWX to service

Other Olympians noted in use today, by Jamie Skinner, were 34109 W436CWX and 34186 S686AAE on Bernard Matthews duty, whilst 34114 W434CWX was returning from Belton on service 7

Also unreported, is the arrival of training bus 60808 S659RNA at Caister Road after spending a few days residing at Lowestoft's Gas Works Road depot

My thanks to Jamie for the continuous Olympian updates and photos

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