Monday 27 October 2014

Need A Loan? Part Two ~ Syd To the Rescue!

37146 YN06UPZ at Lowestoft in 2008 - note the Olympians
Regular correspondent Syd Eade comments on Grahame's report on loans to First Eastern Counties

'I see you gave poor Gemini 37146 YN06UPZ a poor write up, well I want to stand up for her! She was running happily in June 2008 on City Services and also ventured to Lowestoft for the Air Show shuttles during July and managed two arduous days without problem. I later found 
30902 stops at Fleet Hargate before heading to Norwich
her running in Leicester in March 2010 and also had a ride back to the Railway Station.

I was lucky enough to collect a few of the buses mentioned and bring them down to Norwich, so this photo of 30902 may be of interest. I took it at the Farmhouse Kitchen at Fleet Hargate in April 2008 on its way from Bradford (I stopped there to 
Optare Solos 50274 S305EWU and 50273 S304EWU on their way east
attend to the needs of the 'Inner Man' with tea and a fry-up)

By the way 50273 and 50274 did not move on from Great Yarmouth to Ipswich after they arrived... they went the other way round. Again I drove 50273 down myself, collecting it from Leeds, 50274 accompanied me on the journey. I have a photo of them both at 
Syd at the wheel of Solo 50273 on arrival at Ipswich
the now famous Farmhouse Kitchen and also of me in the cab of 50273 on arrival at Ipswich 

They stayed there for at least 6 months until I was again sent to Ipswich to drive them to Great Yarmouth. When they left First Eastern Counties they went to work local services in Livingstone in Scotland.... but I didn't get asked to drive them all the way there, thank goodness!'

Many thanks for putting the record straight Syd and coming to the defence of 37146! The photos are all copyrighted to Syd Eade and are very much appreciated

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  1. Apologies for the Solo mix up, i should have ventured further into my records as Jim had sent me photos of them arriving at Ipswich!! As for 37146, i visited Norwich twice whilst she was on loan and both times she was in the hands of fitters in Castle Meadow so i will stand up for my report when i saw her and the word troublesome! Shows what timing can do! Thanks for putting it straight Syd! Grahame.