Saturday 11 October 2014


30014 F147MBC outside Caister Road
30010/30012/30016 in the yard at Caister Road shortly after arriving
Summer 2004 saw the arrival of a batch of Dennis Dominators to Great Yarmouth. They arrived from First Leicester and were not the best to look at if im honest!

30010 F140MBC
30011 F141MBC
30012 F142MBC
30014 F147MBC
30016 F296PTP

All were in the short lived Barbie 2 livery, All had East Lancs bodywork similar to the two Volvo vehicles E40/41OAH operated by Great Yarmouth Transport although 30016 was slightly different in style.

They operated many routes in their time at Caister Road but mainly saw use on the 603/4 Lowestoft- Martham service (The 1 Today!)

They finished their days being used mainly on Bernard Matthews contract work.

Not one of my favourite's but they certainly earned their money when they were here.

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