Tuesday 28 October 2014

Lowestoft PBJ2F Update

PBJ2F complete with its El Alamein destination display
Another email from Syd Eade awaited me in my inbox this morning, updating the situation as regards Leyland PD2 PBJ2F

'The PBJ article was originally done before we got the bus, but when we met David Jukes this summer, who did the article, we took him out for a run and he was so impressed he did an
update to his Part 2 to include us. Fame at last and I am sure the
Daniel takes advantage of his slimness and height!
sales of the magazine have rocketed. 

We all spent most of yesterday (Sunday) checking over her too, prior to having an MOT test shortly, and it is definitely a 'Big Boys Bus' when it comes to trying to reach everything in the engine bay...... a job made for Daniel as he is both slim AND a great length from head to toe so he can reach those far away bits! Perhaps the Lowestoft fitters had a bench to stand on and very long handled spanners!

I also got a chance to fit a very rare destination blind, which I was given in 1966, that has El Alamein Road as a terminus, which was changed to 'Tedder Road' on all other buses on service 9, and the 3 never went beyond Yarmouth Road.'

Many thanks for the update and photos Syd - all remain his copyright


  1. Perhaps Syd can answer a question for me. I grew up (n the late 40's and 50's) in Yarmouth (when it was Great). I spent a lot of time at relatives in Oulton Broad and often traveled on ECOC service 3 into town, often on a lowbridge Titan, to observe the wonderful corporation fleet which included the rebuilt utility Guy Arabs (so much better than my home town's examples) and was always told that the corporation livery was officially "Burnt Maroon and Primrose." I have heard since that this was no so. Over to you Syd?

  2. The trams were in a very bright Primrose Yellow, but by after the war the buses wore a rich cream instead. The maroon always varied in shade from bus to bus right up to the end, but it was 'Bullock Maroon' on the tin

  3. Thanks Syd - I knew you would know!