Friday, 17 October 2014

Route Branding

First Gemini 37566 AU58ECE on the 99 to Kessingland but with X2 branding
One of the perils of route branding is the possibility that the said bus may appear on other routes

Contributor Syd Eade sent this example of a First Gemini on the wrong route in Lowestoft recently

Syd says 'it is a subject that still annoys me! The X2 route branded buses were done for a good
reason, however, it is an almost daily occurrence to see them on the 99 to Kessingland. This is really confusing to waiting passengers as it mirrors the X2 service out of town to Pakefield. My photo of 37566 demonstrates the problem.'

My thanks to Syd for the report and photo and I have some sympathy with his point of view; although I suppose any bus arriving is better than none at all!


  1. Absolutely agree with Syd. I can appreciate it must be difficult with vehicle shortages, etc., but either do it right or not at all.
    With today's sophisticated destination displays (as per X1 E400s), is it necessary?

  2. Going to be fun in Norwich over the coming year then isn't it! Purple buses on Green routes etc, and if anyone tells me they run out of different depots so could never happen I'll scream!

  3. Hi all in East Norfolk, read about this on the Plymothian Transit Blog. First Devon and Cornwall have been using branded on the wrong routes for years and I though that we were alone!!!