Thursday, 30 October 2014

The Wright Renowns

60813 on a Burgh Castle service in Gorleston High Street on 24th October last
At the beginning of the year First's Great Yarmouth depot had six Wright Renown bodied Volvo B10BLEs on its books

The number has been slowly whittled down to just three today - 60813 S664RNA, 60814 S665RNA and 66126 S116JTP

The others have found other employment; both 60807 S658RNA and 60808 S659RNA have
60814 on arrival at Belton on the same day - Photo: Jamie Skinner
been converted to driver trainers whilst 66168 W368EOW moved to First Essex in early January this year

Both 60813 and 60814 were new to First Manchester as 664 and 665 in October 1998 and were transferred from Ipswich to Caister Road in June 2011

66126 was delivered to First Southampton in August 1998 where it
Ex First Southampton S116JTP in Gorleston High Street
received fleet number 116. The saloon had its engine rebuilt in June last year and spent a short period on loan to Lowestoft in December 2012

All three appear to be nearing the end of their useful life and could be under threat when the new StreetLites arrive at Caister Road next month

However, on revisiting this post I realised that I had forgotten to mention the arrival of a fourth example in August this year from First Ipswich - 60622 R785WKW is a 'temporary loan' from First Yorkshire

So catch them while you can

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