Monday, 20 October 2014

Milestones & Moan

Firstly, this is the 400th post on the blog this year and thanks to everyone who has contributed news items and photos to help us to attain this figure. We have already passed the previous highest annual total (obtained in 2013) and we are still only in October!

Another milestone is that of some 500,000 visitors viewing the blog - something I never thought the blog could ever achieve. The audience has been global with the USA and Ukraine providing a considerable number of views after the UK. Thank you each and everyone of you for making this happen

And now the moan....... It has become apparent that some bloggers are copying news (and photos too) from this site without our approval - despite the copyright clause at the bottom of the blog! Often no mention is made of the information source and accordingly claiming it as their own. I would like to think imitation is the sincerest form of flattery!           Rant over!


  1. Yes i have that problem too on the Ipswich Bus Blog, i don't mind people doing it if they give you credit for it.

  2. Well done on the 400 Sir Roy and here's to the next 400 ! It seems the "borrowing " of stuff is the same all over I fear but we know where the news starts !