Friday 27 April 2012

Former Eastern Counties KAH 408

Last week saw the temporary departure of former Eastern Counties Omnibus Company's LL408 (KAH408) from the East Anglia Transport Museum to a Northamptonshire based preservation group for restoration.

LL408, built in 1948, is a Bristol L5G with Eastern Coach Works bodywork and is shown here about to emerge from storage parked next to OCK985K

The next photo shows 408 on a trailer outside the museum awaiting the loading of a spare engine.

The bus joined the museum in the early 1970's having been donated by a Norwich school. 

Later in that decade it was repainted  but has never returned to use having been stored away from the museum 
for a number of years.
The LL will be in good company as there are also two other former ECOC vehicles at the Northamptonshire premises.

These include LH 537 (HAH537L) a Bristol LH6L also with an ECW B43F body and LE 699 (KNG699) a Bristol L5G with ECW C31R body (later converted to DP31R).

The latter (pictured) dates from 1950 whilst the former was new to ECOC in 1972.

My thanks goes to Tim Major at the EATM for both the information and the pictures. All photos are copyright Tim Major

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  1. Superb blog! Of interest though - LH537 was I believe the last LH to have a Perkins engine fitted and is one of only 3 believed to be left. It is therefore an LH6P.